Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Proposal, an Honor, and Presents!

Hey guys.

It's Christmas day, and to most of us it means one thing; PRESENTS!!! This year seemed to take a little longer than last year. I think my dad was feeling that as well because he was constantly saying "Let's keep'em. Keep'em coming." And then my mother would yell back. "No! Let them take their time!!"

Some of things that I got this year are a magic bullet blender, a cool looking watch, some clothes, a new wallet, and more. I'll hopefully upload some pictures when I get the chance.

There are some firsts for this Christmas. Firstly, this was the first time when my PARENTS are waking me up for Christmas and I'M trying to sleep in... For some reason, this seems odd to me. Hahaha. I guess I was just really tired. I did stay out until 11:30pm playing Wii Sports with my boyfriend, Trenton.

Another one is that this was the first Christmas that my brother, Mike, was not there with us. He joined the Peace Corps and left this past August. Mike is currently in Nicaragua and will be there for two years. So I'll not only have one, but two Christmases without him. But he get's internet and was able to Skype with us this morning. We opened is presents for him and showed them to him through the video camera in the computer. I think mom was talking about wrapping them up again and giving them to Mike when he comes back.

Then another thing, which brings me to my second part of why I'm writing this blog, is that this is my sister and her boyfriend's first Christmas as an ENGAGED couple. Yep, you read right. My baby sister, Alyssa, is getting MARRIED!!!!! :O I heard about it when the night before Christmas Eve. I was shopping around Barnes and Noble for any last minutes stuff that I needed to get, when I get a call from my mother. She tells me that she had something to tell me. When I asked her what, she told me that Josh had proposed to her. And he went through hell to do it, because all the romantic places that he wanted to propose to her were either not open, or didn't seem all that romantic. Finally, as a last resort, the went to the restaurant where he had made reservations. He went in a head of her and told the hostess that he was going to "pop the question". She was very excited and they agreed to help out. When they brought out their food, Alyssa had a beef skewer, the ring was on the end and written on the plate was "Will you marry me?" Of course my sister said yes, and they are planning to have a spring wedding. I love my sister very much and I'm very happy for her. Mike is even coming back to the states to see the wedding. The ring is very pretty. When she showed to me, she turns to Trenton, and tells him "The pressure is on you now."

Yesterday, Alyssa, my Mom, and I were getting gas before going to the Christmas Eve Church service that she wanted to go to and the topic of the wedding came up. When she told me that it was probably going to happen in April or May, I asked if it could be on a weekend, that way I could come down from New York without missing too much school. She told me that I had to come whether I missed school or not. When I asked why, mom told me to cover my ears while she talked. I didn't know what all the secrecy was about. It could have been Christmas present stuff. After I uncovered my ears, Alyssa said "I don't know why we can't tell her." I had no idea what they were talking about and asked them. After mom gave the O.K. Alyssa turns to me and asks me to be her Maid of Honor. So, it looks like I'll might have to miss some school. Anything for my baby sister. :D

Whew. That's quite a bit. But that's all I have for now.

Catch you later! <3


  1. I just want to clarify...while your ears were plugged, I was reminding Alyssa that she had chosen you as the Maid of Honor, but neglected to tell YOU!! So I wanted her to officially ASK you, then talk about it. She wanted to just talk like you already knew and I wanted her to actually ask you.
    And she did. :)

  2. One more's not THIS Spring. It's Spring 2013. About a year and half away. No rush.